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Office Building

From single-story to high-rise edifices, Arrow Financial is your office building loan expert.

The ability to lease and sublease office building spaces make this form of commercial real estate a powerful asset for those investors who are ready for such an opportunity. The only thing that you need is the right office building loan, which can help you get running and earing revenues quickly.

Our team consists of experts who will help you proceed with your office building loan easily. Arrow Financial professionals are accustomed to working with a myriad of business owners & investors in different situations.

As you know, for office building loans qualification, there are many factors involved. The history and location of the complex are some of the considerations. Your credit history and the cash flow of the office building may also play a big part.

Multi-Family Units

Whether you are looking to buy or refinance an apartment complex, condominium, mobile home park, or mixed commercial/residential properties, our team can help you find the right multi-family loan that fits your portfolio.

We offer a variety of loans that can facilitate the purchase or construction process of a multi-family housing. Multi-family loan programs have various terms and rates (including fixed and variable) to meet your investment needs.

At Arrow Financial, we understand that each multi-family project varies in value, size, and needs that make every multi-family loan or refinance unique. Our professionals also understand the tremendous pressure you go through when building, acquiring or refinancing your multi-family housing project. They will stand by your side to help you go through it with ease.

Typically, a multi-family loan requires a minimum of 5 units and a $500,000 loan commitment or higher. Other factors that may influence your finance include occupancy rates and rent rolls.

Mobile Home Park/RV Park

We have a variety of loans and terms to meet your mobile home park needs. Whether it's to buy or to refinance an existing mobile home park, Arrow Financial has the complete solutions for you.

We meet your loan needs in a way that stands out from the other national lenders. We provide flexible options such as 20 and 30-year loan terms with both variable and fixed interest rate options for your mobile home park loan. A wide variety of loan programs ensures that all your commercial property loan needs are satisfied.

Our RV park loans are simple, accessible, and affordable. We eliminate most the hassles by offering a flexible and large number of loan options reaching all across the United States. Also, with the ability to individually customize Commercial Loan terms, we enable you to structure your loan the way you need to.

We have helped clients all across the U.S. secure mobile home park loans with competitive terms to meet a variety of budgets. We are also committed to providing quality service even after you secure the loan. With the support of our team which is comprised of experts in commercial investment funding, you feel confident about your decision.


Arrow Financial offers loans for purchasing or refinancing self-storage properties. Self-storage investment properties are popular among our Commercial Loan clients. Self-storage investment properties are popular among our Commercial Loan clients.

These properties not only provide good cash flow but are also low maintenance investments that benefit from continual land appreciation and tax write-offs.

Arrow Financial is an expert in Commercial Loan funding and because of our history in the commercial mortgage industry, you are able to take the advantage of our competitive rates and professional services.

Hotels:Flagged and Non-Flagged

Arrow Financial is a leading lender in the nation which provides a variety of loans to purchase or refinance the hotel of your choosing. We eliminate the complexities of financing and make it simpler for you to qualify your hotel property for a Commercial Loan that help you to accomplish your investment goals.

There are many factors to be considered before obtaining a hotel loan. We’ll inform you about the different commercial mortgages for hotels, and help you determine the best funding path for your business by providing you with a custom financing option that offers exactly what you are looking for.

Sometimes, your qualification for the hotel loan depends on experience you have in the hotel, motel or any similar industry. Buyers are sometimes required to have successful experience as a hotel managers or owners for at least a year or two. Some other factors which are related to the hotel are also considered like: -

  • History of profitability and cash flow
  • Location
  • Occupancy records

Utilizing Arrow Financial’s professional advice is an incredible advantage for the potential hotel owners, such as yourself, as you research hotel properties to buy or search for the right financing solution.

Arrow Financial also has a number of custom loans that fulfil all your hotel investment needs. Whether it's $500 thousand, $5 million, $50 million, or even a $500 million hotel loan, we are experienced in providing and structuring each deal on a client-by-client basis


Whether you are looking for a single-tenant or multi-tenant industrial property loan, we help you find the right industrial loan to get your commercial investments growing.

We offer many interest rates and term choices to help you get your hands on the industrial property comfortably. We know that picking the right industrial loan package should make financial sense, so we provide you with different Commercial Loan options.

Arrow Financial typically considers Commercial Loans for industrial properties used in the following ways: research and development, storage, some assembly, manufacturing, light industrial, mixed, packaging, and other similar zoning types. There are a variety of factors that influence your ability to secure financing for your industrial property. Some of these may include details such as how close to major freeways or highways the industrial property stands, appraisals, credit histories, etc. Other considerations typically include:

  • Tenant mix
  • Rent rolls (preferably with expirations staggered)
  • Operating statements
  • Local markets
  • Property maps, pictures, and description

Obtaining an industrial loan can be a pretty daunting process. Fortunately, our well-versed representative will assist you at every step in order to qualify for the loan. In considering an industrial property loan, your investment goals and business needs are often taken into consideration. Goals such as:

  • Short term growth
  • Long term growth
  • Flexibility
  • Maximize cash flow
  • Investment and partnerships

Our professionals work with your needs & goals, and compare available rates, terms and loan programs to get you the best industrial loan program.


In addition, we grant loans to individuals who are interested in buying or refinancing a restaurant. A restaurant is an excellent business venture which is highly rewarding for the investor. Our restaurant loans provide easy funding so that you can finance any restaurant.

Qualifying for a restaurant loan depends on a number of factors and can be a difficult process. Our team is experienced in helping you quickly pinpoint how to prepare and qualify for your restaurant loan. Some of the factors considered for restaurant loans are:

  • Location of the restaurant
  • Records of profitability and cash flow of the restaurant
  • Experience of the restaurant owner
  • Financial position of the owner

As America's #1 source for Commercial Loans, we are more than qualified to assist you in buying or refinancing a restaurant with our flexible loan programs.

Arrow Financial helps you gain peace of mind as your loan will be handled with the highest degree of professionalism. We make sure that you spend your time making money rather than trying to qualify for a loan.

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