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4 Reasons to Jump-Start Your Real Estate Career in Multifamily Investing

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  •   1441
  •   May 04, 2018

In 2018, the trend of investing in multifamily properties has become more relevant to generate consistent and positive cash flow, double-digit the income, and get an array of significant tax benefi [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Learning The ABC of Jumbo Loans

  •   Admin
  •   6352
  •   Apr 18, 2018

Undoubtedly, purchasing a villa or the luxurious mansion is everyone’s dream. The en-suite facilities: spacious & comfy bedrooms, a beautiful backyard with white fences, private swimming [...]

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3.3% Decrease in Mortgage Applications Making Spring Buying Season Frenzy

  •   Admin
  •   279
  •   Apr 12, 2018

It’s not wrong to say that finding a decent studio or 1 BHK house in the US is just a little easy than finding a needle in the haystack. As predicted by many real estate experts, the housing [...]

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6 Pervasive Home Loan Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now - INFOGRAPHIC

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  •   1276
  •   Mar 29, 2018

From prequalification to signing an agreement, you may encounter certain fallacies and misconceptions when proceeding with home loan process. While it’s a grave obligation to take your elders [...]

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5 Key Factors That Raise or Plummet Your Credit Score

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  •   1022
  •   Mar 22, 2018

Your credit score is not a mere number; your entire financial history and creditworthiness is measured and condensed to evaluate this three-digit figure, i.e., FICO score. This score determines whe [...]

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An Overview of USDA Loan Program to Finance Rural Housing

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  •   970
  •   Mar 09, 2018

With the passage of time, the rates of residential properties have sky-rocketed, which made it difficult for low-and-moderate-income householders to purchase their dream home that ticks all the rig [...]

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